With his penchant for inventiveness, Syam Babu, the guy behind the lens, shows the globe.

Syam Babu has shown his greatness as an artist who captivates people with his flawless photographic abilities as a versatile photographer. He is now widely regarded as one of India’s greatest celebrity photographers, because of his tireless efforts, impeccable visions, and unwavering dedication to the craft. He has a wide range of skills, including fashion photography, sports photography, portrait photography, street photography, magazine shoots, and more.

With his exceptional abilities, the latter has once again risen to prominence with his recent shoot with South Indian vocalist Jayachandran. Syam’s unusual photography abilities and enticing photoshoot have wowed the singer, who is a well-known figure in the Indian film industry. The photographer used a variety of methods and techniques to produce photos that looked genuine without sacrificing quality. Some of the photos were captured while climbing trees, demonstrating his devotion and ingenuity.

The shoot also went viral on many social media platforms, attracting a large amount of public attention and a large fan base. The crowd was captivated by the dramatic transformation. Syam has become a household name among major actors and singers as a result of this, and he is receiving praise from all corners of the globe.

Despite the pandemic’s turbulences, Syam fought to keep his audience interested with his relevant and original material throughout the catastrophe. As we struggle through these extraordinary times, he is gearing up to work on several huge projects starring some of Hollywood’s most illustrious performers.

Photographers use their cameras to produce photographs that convey stories and communicate their personalities and perspectives via their work. He has also uncovered a unique conceptual photographic series depicting five models from five different regions of the world, with the goal of bringing the world closer together.

The shoot, which featured models Maria Jorda, Pasa Mahallesi, Merel Trip, Cecilia Kongwa, and Aileena Catherin from Spain, Turkey, Dubai, Africa, and India, has gone viral, with admirers already adoring him. They adore the way he has captured the entire globe in a single image.

Syam claims that he has always been interested in photography since he was a youngster when discussing his journey and life experiences. His career began in 2002 when he worked for Malayala Manorama as a news photographer. In 2008, he began working as a fashion photographer for Vanitha, a regional biweekly magazine.
He also has worked for The Week, Smart Life, Manorama Aarogyam, Manorama Varshika Pathippu, Paripidam, Vishu Kanni, Manorama Weekly, Vanitha Paajakam, Vanitha Veedu, Manorama Fastrack, KarshakaSree, and numerous more Manorama paper and electronic projects.

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