‘Arrangements of Love’ Samantha’s new International film: Enacting the role of a bisexual.

Samantha Prabhu, an actor, has been cast in the lead role in the upcoming film ‘Arrangements of Love.’ According to Variety, the movie will be directed by BAFTA-winning Welsh director Philip John and will be based on Indian author Timeri N. Murari’s bestselling 2004 novel of the same name.

The film, which will be produced by Sunitha Tati’s Indian company Guru Films, follows a Welsh-Indian man on an unexpected trip to his hometown in search of his estranged father.

Samantha plays a strong-willed and witty 27-year-old who operates her own detective firm and becomes involved in the investigation. “Progressive bisexual Tamil woman with ultra-traditional parents who want her to have an arranged marriage,” her character is described as. “A whole new world opens up for me today as I begin my journey with ‘Arrangements of Love,’ which has such an endearing and personal storey,” Samantha added, excited about the project.

As a major admirer of ‘Downton Abbey,’ I’m pleased to collaborate with Philip John, whose projects I’ve been following for years. I’m excited to work with Sunitha again, and I’m hoping for even greater success than with ‘Oh! Baby.’

It will be a challenge as well as an opportunity for me to play such a complicated character. I’m very excited to get started.” In August 2022, the film is set to begin production.

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